Before we know it, winter will be upon us. We here at Frame Warehouse always looking for clever ways to use frames, and the beauty of the last season provides us with a new inspiration. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, or no holiday at all, there is beauty to be found in the depths of winter which you can reflect in your interior décor. Here’s a list of ideas for using frames in your winter décor.

  1. Printables: There are awesome free printables available for every holiday and every style. Find a couple favorites, print them off on high-quality paper, and hang them up to bring winter cheer!
  2. Frame wintery knitwear: Especially in cooler climates, cold-weather knitwear often takes on family heirloom status, particularly hand knit or crochet pieces. Press pretty sweaters, hats, or gloves that won’t be worn and hang it up for a nostalgic touch.
  3. Frame paper snowflakes: These iconic crafts are great on a dark background and can be glammed up with a little glitter.
  4. Make a dry-erase holiday countdown board: Glass makes a great surface for dry-erase markers, so simply slip a calendar sheet into a frame and mark down the days to your special celebration.
  5. Family photos of snowy fun: Get these happiness-spreading photos out of albums and up on your walls for the cold months.
  6. Wintery landscapes printed off from free stock photo sites: There is a plethora of winter landscapes you can frame available on the internet for free. Check out sites like StockSnap to find the right pics for your space.
  7. Doilies reminiscent of snowflakes: Like heirloom knitwear, but more intentionally decorative.
  8. Holiday recipes: Hang your favorite recipes on the wall with a pretty mat for a warm, personal touch.
  9. Dried evergreens: Press evergreen boughs in books, then arrange in a frame. It brings the outdoors in when out isn’t very hospitable.
  10. Mirrors: Hang plenty of framed mirrors to reflect holiday lights!

The only limit to framed holiday décor possibilities is your imagination! For more framing ideas, follow our Facebook page, and tell us how you’re using frames in your holiday décor this year!