Traditional framed art can seem a little stuffy for most kid’s room designs. However, with a couple tweaks plus some unique display ideas, you can use frames to make your kid’s bedroom into their dream space. Here’s a list of ideas for using frames to make your child’s room cooler than cool:

  • Building brick display case– Glue 4×4 building bricks (ideally not the thinner ones so that you’ve got plenty of surface area to stick down) to a tough backing, then place the backing in a frame. Your child can use those bricks to display their favorite building brick figures, or you can even set it up to display large, flat works.
  • Vertical building brick platform– New sticky building brick bases can be framed, hung, and used as a vertical platform for building block creations. It’s fun, interactive, changeable, and visually stimulating for your kiddo.
  • Artwork gallery– Add a heavy-duty clip to the top of a few covered frame backs, hang, and then instruct your child to clip up the artwork they’re most proud of.
  • Use printables as art– Kids’ interests change from day to day sometimes. Use free printables so that the artwork in their room can always reflect their current obsession.
  • Make a photo board– Framing photos of friends and family might seem a little too adult-y for some kids. Instead, glue fabric over a frame back, then add ribbons to hold photos, and print off photos so your child can stick them up as they see fit.

Many of these ideas also work great in pediatrician’s offices or other kid-centered businesses. There are plenty of different styles of Frame Warehouse frames to suit every child’s individual tastes. Check in on our Facebook page for more ideas for using frames to decorate your whole home.