Updating your home’s décor on a seasonal basis may seem like a big task—who has the time to overhaul their living space four times per year? While some people certainly do go to extremes when keeping up with their home’s seasonal décor, you can have a big impact on the look and feel of your home with some very small changes. For instance, you can switch out your frames. New frames can add a bit of seasonal color to your living space, and below are a few classic color combinations to explore.

White and Blush
This color combination is perfect if you’re going for a light, understated look. White frames create a fresh, clean aesthetic and will complement nearly any image that you put in them. The blush frames will provide a soft, feminine, spring feel.

White and Blue
This color combination is more striking in appearance than the white and blush option, but conjures the same feeling of a bright spring day. One of the great things about this combination is that it can range from subtle to a major décor statement, depending on which hue of blue you choose.

White and Yellow
Nothing says spring like bright yellow blooms, and you can bring the energy and joy of your favorite yellow flowers into your living space with this color combination. Like the white and blue combination, this option can make as understated or as powerful of a statement as you would like depending upon the vibrancy of the yellow that you choose.

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