If you’ve scoped out the internet for the latest in home décor, you’ve likely come across some amazing images of gallery walls. These beautiful displays include nearly anything you could possibly hang on a wall in unique formations that incorporate flawlessly into the décor. You’ll find everything from neat and tidy sparse displays like above to the eclectic, junk shop look that’s become very popular in farmhouse and Bohemian design trends.

Here are some aspects of gallery wall design that you can use to customize this look for any style, along with tips to do just that:

  • Frames– For a sleek modern look, or a mid-century mod feel, aim for matching frames in similar sizes so that you can easily create a tidy, geometric design. Use even numbers of same size/shape frames to fill the available space. Smooth, sparse designs in neutral colors that contrast well with the wall color work best here.For a more eclectic feel, use frames of varied sizes, shapes, and textures. An intricately designed or brightly colored frame can even be hung with no picture to add a flair without making the space feel cluttered.
  • Mats– Use wide, neutral mats around images that are small but impactful for a modern look, and try to keep a sense of sameness throughout. Use narrow or colorful mats with large, bright images for a livelier look. Change up the mat styling per the image.
  • Non-Frame Elements– If you desire a clean feel, you probably want to avoid non-framed pieces. Frames give the wall a sense of conformity and sameness, and they can turn a group of unrelated images into a cohesive, symmetrical gallery. Use anything that strikes your fancy for a less structured gallery. Items like small shelves with knick-knacks, hanging votives, and painted wood initials are popular choices.

Essentially, designing a gallery wall is all about choosing what moves you. Check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page for more gallery wall ideas!