For whatever reason, many of the items that the modern home requires, like thermostats and light switches, are sorely lacking in pleasing aesthetics. To put it plainly, they’re oftentimes ugly, and they can really kill the vibe you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Your sophisticated, sleek entryway is seriously marred by the gigantic security system console that, out of necessity, is right there in the open.

There are absolutely fancier, better designed units out there. However, if even the tiniest hint of design was considered in the creation of an electronic product like that, they tend to cost an arm and a leg. The proposed solution to this ugly problem? Frame them!

With custom frames, you can simply frame these eye sores. Choose frames that are wider and therefore serve as the focal point rather than the offending item. Thermostats, security systems, and light switches could all benefit from this treatment. Word to the wise: be careful of wires in the wall when you hang frames around these implements. A stud finder that can show you the location of wiring in the wall would come in handy for this.

If you have a monstrosity so ugly that a simple frame job won’t help, consider creating a complete cover from a framed picture. Create a box around the hideous element from wood, and then attach the framed picture with hinges on one side so you can still get inside when you need to use it.

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