We’re seeing a new framing trend lately that is absolutely stunning. It bucks the norms of what we think of when we think about framing and brings a whole new look to framed art.

What is this awesome new trend?

Double-glass framing.

What Is It?

“What on earth does that mean?” you might be asking yourself. Here’s an explanation. Rather than the opaque backing and matting frequently found on framed items, double-glass framed art uses two pieces of glass (or acrylic sheeting), so that you can see through the piece to the wall behind it.

This means that that wall behind it essentially acts like a mat does in traditionally framed pieces. This works great with walls, frames, and items that are complementary colored.

What Kind of Items Work with this Look?

Double-glass framing is perfect for dried flowers and other flora. It serves to highlight the natural shapes and textures of plant matter. It’s also great for any irregularly shaped item that you’d like to retain its unique edges within the frame; think snowflakes or die-cut items.

What do You Need?

To pull off this look, you’ll need two sheets of glass and/or acrylic, whichever you choose, a frame, and an item to be framed.

As far as choosing a frame for this, that will really depend on the look you’re going for. A minimalist natural vibe can be achieved by using a narrow, unimposing frame like our 5/8 in. silver frames. You can use a heavier frame that complements but contrasts with the wall color to help lend more weight to this see-through décor.

More Ideas

Whatever you choose to frame with this double-glass technique, we’d love it if you shared your take on it! Visit or Facebook page and drop us a note, and don’t forget to check in there often for our latest framing ideas and product news.