Life seems to move faster these days that it did once. This means that, for many people who feel like it would be very easy to become disconnected from our history in the current climate, it’s important to take extra special care to preserve family traditions.

This means passing those traditions on to the next generation by practicing them with our younger family members and relaying their significance to our heritage. Whether it’s a cultural tradition or simply one that your family has cultivated, placing reminders of those traditions out where they’re on display can also be a great way to perpetuate them. Here’s an idea for how to preserve those traditions.

Frame them!

You can hang a photo collage depicting decorating grandpa every year with the ribbons, bows, and pretty paper from holiday unwrapping. Maybe it will inspire the next generation to make the next papa a pretty present every year, too.

Frame your great grandmother’s special, positively famous apple pie recipe and give it a place of pride on your kitchen counter so that you never forget to make it at Thanksgiving, or you can hang it on the wall and hang her signature rolling pin underneath it.

Take the beautiful, handmade doily your great aunt always set out at Easter and place it in a frame with a beautifully contrasting background to showcase it each spring.

These small touches will add warmth to your home and will help you pass down the traditions that make your family who they are. If you need more ideas for framing with a personal touch, check out the Frame Warehouse Facebook page and follow along so you don’t miss anything!