Spring is an energizing season, and a lot of people use this energy to throw open the windows, welcome the warmer temperatures, and do a deep clean of their house. In fact, after being closed up all winter long, this is the perfect time to air out your home and make sure everything is clean and in order as you greet the new season. Despite the best of intentions, though, some items are commonly overlooked during spring cleaning—including frames. Cleaning your frames is imperative to keeping them in good condition, so gather your cleaning tools and keep these tips in mind as you start your spring cleaning.

Dust your frames before you use any cleaning agents.
It can be tempting to go straight to the heavy-duty cleansers, especially when you’re deep cleaning, but always start with a dry dust when tidying your frames. This is particularly important if your frames have wood grain or other texture that traps dust particles. To most effectively clear away any dust, use a dry, soft toothbrush. Make sure you get in all of the corners!

Take the glass out of your frames before cleaning it.
It can be tempting to clean the glass while it’s still in the frame, especially when you’re in a hurry, but taking time for the extra step of removing the glass is the best way to care for your frames. This is particularly true if your frames are made of wood, as too much moisture around the edges of the glass can cause the frames to warp or become discolored.

Use vinegar to clean your frames.
White vinegar is the key to flawless glass. Mix white vinegar with distilled water, spray on your frame’s glass, and wipe away with a piece of newspaper.

The team at Frame Warehouse is excited to help you get your home in order for spring. Have questions about how to care for your frames or want to replace frames that are too worn to save? Send us a message!